What Makes Us Unique

Fairmont Christian School

  • Biblical-worldview
  • Integration of character education
  • Small class sizes (up to 15)
  • Instructional day from 8:05-3:00
  • Music, Art, and Physical Education

How do we learn? 

No one can teach a child all (s)he needs to learn. Therefore, FCS strives to teach a child how to learn. God has created us as curious beings. Our teachers nurture that natural curiosity by creating opportunities for students to participate in hands-on activities, allowing students to develop critical thinking skills which can be applied in new situations. 

Some examples of our active learning have been:

  • Re-enacting Pilgrim life
  • Composing a song to learn a character trait
  • Creating models of ocean habitats
  • Jumping on a giant number line
  • Designing miniature theatre sets
  • Finding the precious promises of God in a treasure chest


What do we teach? 

  • Gospel-centered Bible lessons with a focus on God and His work through Christ
  • An appreciation of reading through Christian reading curriculum
  • A structured phonics and grammar program
  • How to make oral presentations
  • Creative writing
  • Process-oriented math
  • An immersion science program that explores God's world
  • Literature-based history and geography

Fairmont Christian School desires for children to grow in...

...faith by integrating Biblical truth throughout the day using Scripture, prayer, and praise to God.

...discovery and love of learning by nurturing a sense of curiosity.

...learning through intentional instruction and practice of character traits.