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MaryAnn Childers Staff Photo

Hello, my name is Miss MaryAnn (Childers). I am so excited to be able to work at Small Sprouts preschool! I previously worked in Fairmont Area Schools for a very long time! I loved my job there but found myself often starting to sing a song about Jesus or wanting to tie in a Bible lesson to daily situations, and having to stop myself. I am so grateful to finally be in a school where I can share my excitement and love of the Lord with all of these eager little ones! I strive to point them back to Him every chance I get, to make sure they know that they can pray ANYWHERE and ANYTIME and that they know that He loves them perfectly! How blessed am I to get to wake up and do this each and every day?

When I am not at school, I like to stay very busy! My husband, Randy, and I have been married for 46 years. We have 2 sons, CR and Paul...and a dog named Tinkerbelle. CR and his wife, Miranda, have 3 children; Caryn (11 years), Adele (8 years), and Ronan (7 years). Paul and his wife, Krista, have 2 children; Korra(4 years) and Breckin who just arrived in July! They all currently live in Minnesota and we like to visit them as often as we can! I love being a grandma!

I love to bake and have made MANY fun birthday cakes! At Christmas time, I like to make many different cookies to share with those close to me. Sometimes I even bring treats into school for the children! I like to spend time in my yard and garden. It is fun to pick fresh vegetables--and eat them raw!

I can’t wait to see you all in September!